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esProc 2012

Developer tool for data computing and data source development tool for reports

esProc Dev is designed for data computing, especially for complex structured data such as database, Excel and Txt. It has more visual coding process, higher development efficiency, lower error rates and easier maintenance. It has perfect help system, debugging capability, as well as coding for real-time execution. Its syntax system is agile and powerful, and a variety of computing functions can be achieved by combining a small number of keywords. esProc Dev offers JDBC interface, and can be embedded into Java applications in the form of embedded database or provide data source for reporting tools. esProc Dev adopts the grid-style editing interface, and easily achieves step-by-step computing.

esProc Dev can separate data-computing layer from applications, thus reduce the computing burden of database and enhance the modularity and reusability of data computing, establishing a more professional data storage layer and report presentation layer. It supports Hadoop interface, can access HDFS and be called by MapReduce, and enables distributed big data computing. esProc Dev also specialized in explicit set, ordered set, object reference, cross-database computing etc. It is data computing developer tool with more powerful computing ability.

esProc Dev is more powerful on structured data computing, particular for complex computation in database as a script language. Its syntax system and function package are oriented to structured data, which can process multiple fields and batch data meanwhile without loop statements. esProc Dev allows report designers to combine esProc' excellent computation and analysis capability with the strong presentation function of reporting tools.

Reports developer; SQL/Stored Procedure programmers; Business Analysts; R/SQL User

— User reviews — about esProc 2012

  • StoneSmith

    by StoneSmith

    "A very easy to use statistical computing software."

    esProc is very easy to use. Its grid-style interface and stepwise computing mode impresses me a lot. More.

    reviewed on November 20, 2012

  • jessica.qiu.79

    by jessica.qiu.79

    "Easy to use software with step by step computing"

    It's a easy to use software. More convenient to use than SQL. I like its step by step computing mode. More.

    reviewed on November 9, 2012

  • votusClark

    by votusClark

    "Good for financial data computing and analytics"

    Just tried its free trial version, I think its a good statistical software for financial data analytics, it seams the co... More.

    reviewed on November 9, 2012

  • StoneSmith

    by StoneSmith

    "A easy to use tool for complex data computing and analytics."

    esProc is really easy to use and also have powerful computing ability. I like its step by step computing mode, because t... More.

    reviewed on November 9, 2012